27 Aug 2017

Spartember - WIP Build the Spartan Heavy Assault Tank

Hi Everyone,

Two hobby Blogger Buddies of mine Turkadactyl and Naf Naf announced they were setting themselves a challenge to build their Spartan's they both have languishing in the To-Do piles, and put out a shout to anyone else to join them... here's what they said:

"Naf Naf and I announced that we were starting a new hobby challenge- Spartember.  We discovered that we both had the same problem- a large Forgeworld Spartan tank sitting in pieces in the hobby closet.  It was decided that we will rely on each other for motivation to assemble these large kits and we extended the invitation to interwebs."

"Do any of you suffer from hobby hoarder syndrome? That procrastination of your tank build getting you down? Well fear not, I NafNaf, and my fellow adventurer & blogger Turkadactyl  (check out his awesome blog, are here to help you move forward with your hobby life (by building a spartan assault tank!)"

As it happens, I too have a FW Spartan hiding in the massive To-Do pile (seen above in it's current state) and this year's Hobby Goal was to reduce that in size, so this fits in great! I left a message in their comments and now I'm onboard! (Although, I do fear the individual track segments, I know their is a problem with this kit, two of the pieces track links male/female links are backwards so some trouble is ahead..)

I'll be posting my progress during September, I'll aim for the build and maybe stretch to the painting too... and not forgetting October is just around the corner, that inevitably means Dreadtober!

There you have it, click on their names and check out their awesome blogs, and join in if you like.


  1. They are a challenging build best of luck

  2. I am a big fan of the Spartan and it will be fun to watch what you do with yours.

  3. Excellent!
    Thanks for the plug :)
    I have created a banner/pic now so will get it posted in the next few days if people want to use it for blog posts etc :)

  4. I almost want to buy one just to join in.

  5. Is that the one which can carry loads of Terminators? Can it carry Primaris Marines? I would seriously consider getting one if it did. Anyway, good luck and looking forward to your WIP.

  6. @ extremedoc1, thanks.
    @ neverness, I hope I'll please M'Lud
    @ NafNaf, np mate, yes need my banner :) I advertised on Reddit too via this blogpost. Getting ready to start preparing, a few bent tracks but nothing a bit of water can't fix, it's the two track segments that are 'backwards' annoyed a bit, I'll have to cut off the lugs and place on the opposite ends.

  7. @Zzzzzzz, any biggish tank will do mate. Doesn't need to be a Spartan.
    @ MonkeyChuka, yes lots of Termies but not Primaris, GW wants you to buy new Primaris vehicles, not use your old ones! ;)

  8. I have a 1/35 Bradley somewhere, ready to do duty as a Blood Pact command vehicle...

  9. Your kit looks just like mine!


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