23 Aug 2017

Magnus the Red - Daemon Primarch of the Thousand Sons

Hi Readers, thank you for popping by.

Over the last few weeks, you've seen my progress with Magnus the Red, and in this post I will show the final results!
As posted before, I've opted for a different scheme to that shown in the GW art and as painted by the 'Eavy Metal team. I've used a gold basis for the armour, with a wash incorporating purple to add a 'magic' feel to it and to move away from the Khorne style gold/brass.
I've also gone for a combination of colours for the wings, going from Red, to Blue and then Green, these were all highlighted with Sotek Green, with the edges of the Green tips highlighted with a dry brush of yellow.
For the base, I really wanted to go all out, with a base that would add to the model - I didn't really like the single dead Dreadnought arm, so when for something a little extra.. A dead/broken Bjorn the Fellhanded (I'm sorry, to every Space Wolves Player - he's awaiting recovery, honest) I've built him around rubble from a smashed building with most of his legs trapped under the rocks. I've used normal rocks for this, and added extra bits to add '40k' to it.
He is a picture before Magnus is glued into place.. I've added 'Magic' damage to the dreadnought with blue highlights to the areas I've cut into the dreadnought.
The head of the staff of Magnus - I've left off the 'ball of energy' off the model for now, I am toying with trying to add an extra dimension to the model using this but need to plan that a little bit more...
For his horns, I've got for a marble effect, using browns, greys and whites. I saw this style of marble whilst at a family wedding, and thought it might contrast well with the gold armour. This was my first attempt at marble, I'm happy with the results, however I would like to improve my painting skills further.
The eyes were all picked out the same, apart from the one in Magnus' hand- this has no iris just an edge of blue around the eye itself.
Here are the last two pictures, with Magnus on the battlefield. The first surveying the surrounding area...
...the next, confronting a returning Brother Primarch... Roboute Guilliman.
Thanks for reading, and for your comments during the build, I, we, really appreciate the comments and feedback! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.

###EDIT### I've changed the pictures, as the black background isn't giving off the same 'flash' as the white was.


  1. Stonking good mate, not sure why the photos look crap, perhaps too much white glare in big photos, and using iPhone? Shame, can't really see all the hard work that the close ups and WIP show. Really getting better mate, now time to improve your photography! lol.

    Love the base, poor Fellhanded and Legs too... dreading facing him across the table though!

  2. He looks fantastic dude, as a wolves player it pains me to say it but you've done some brilliant work there ! :)

  3. Much better photos mate! Thx

  4. Lovely work. I like the colour progression in the wings.

    A little more highlighting in places (eg hair) might make him even better. I can see that a model that size just needs to be declared done at some point...

  5. Awesome work! I've never seen the model in real life, but had no idea how huge he was until I saw the broken Dreadnought on the base.

  6. thanks for the comments and feedback- I did realise that I hadn't added the final highlight to the hair- I'd only base painted and washed it- Will add some highlights to it to finish the model..


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