17 Aug 2017

WIP - Objective Markers using Space Marine Casualties

Hi One and All,

I've been working on a few projects recently, Magnus is about finished, as well as some more Reaver Titan building, However I thought I'd share my new project- objective markers for 8th- using the casualty marines.
These are currently glued, based and undercoated blue, the plan is to paint these in Ultramarine colours, but do them so that they can be used as objectives.
I've always liked the look of these, and had them sat in my 'to-do-pile' for some time- these are metal models to give you an idea of time..
I've got a plan to mark them so that you know which is objective 1- 6, more will be shown soon..


  1. I've got a set of those myself that never got further than primer. Look forward to seeing how yours turn out.

  2. Good start, perhaps squad numbers on the shoulder pads to denote which number objective? Or skulls on the base? gW loves skulls :)

  3. Looking good so far - I was going to suggest company markings too, though if you wanted to be really obscure you could paint them up in the colours of the first six legions, see how much your opponents know about the fluff, haha!

    It would also let you paint one how you wanted for the second legion.

  4. Yet more inspiration for me, I look forward to seeing how these turn out!

  5. Kool.

    Not tempted to make them Relictors ?

  6. Hey! Zzzzzz! Not nice ;) Ha Ha

  7. thanks for all the comments- I have got a plan in mine for 'marking' them, however the suggestion to paint them in 1-6 legion colours is a very good idea- Thanks Nick!


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