11 Aug 2017

Magnus the Red- Primarch of the Thousand Sons WIP3

Hi Everyone,

Further update on my steady progress with Magnus.
Following the post last week, I've opted for gold armour, similar to that of the Forge World HH version, however I've decided to make the gold different by playing and mixing washes I've found a perfect wash for the gold to prevent it looking to 'Khorne' like.
I've mixed equal parts Reikland Fleshshade, with the old Leviathan Purple wash together, to form a shade which appears to have more depth, the purple comes through slightly giving the armour an almost eerie, magical feel which is what I wanted with the armour.
The Blade of Magnus has had the same wash- I'm really happy with the shade, all of the armour will be painted the same- this was just a test to see how it worked. The armour will get a couple of dry brush's with lighter gold and silver to edge.
The wings have had several dry brushes of Sotek Green across the 3 shades of colour, with a Flash Git Yellow dry brush to the very tips.
And finally the base is now glued together- and he stands upright! The Space Wolves Dreadnought has been hacked and sliced to make it look 'battle damaged' with a few marine helmets added to finish the look.

Overall quite happy with how this project is going- hopefully will be complete in time to swap this project for a certain Death Guard...

Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow, that is turning out to be very awesome!!! I like the skin tone especially.

  2. That's looking really good mate, love the variation in the wings and the purple wash on the gold is excellent at making a kind of verdigris effect, alien like. Warp magicks!


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