7 Jul 2017

WIP- Magnus the Red - Primarch of the Thousand Sons

Hi one and all,

This week I'm slowly working on my Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons. Having looked at several versions of the model online, I've opted to have Magnus with quite a dark red tone, which should contrast nicely with the bright silver armour. I've also painted the right hand in transition, from red to purple via blue- adding to the Tzeentch feel of the model.
I've picked out the Tzeentch legends on the right arm with a brighter blue, and highlighted the edges with a pure white wash- I'm planning on doing further white washes to highlight this further.
Initially I had planned to have all 3 heads available to swap between them, however this head I went for was the best fit, and also I decided it would be a stronger joint if all glued together.
I am also- as seen last week building a different base for Magnus, this has had a few changes to it- and hopefully will be ready to show soon.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Nice approach with the red skin, looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

  2. I reckon you could go another lighter red on the upper most areas of skin and a shade lighter of the purples on his manky hand. Looks great so far, interested to see the base after the WIP.

  3. That is a whole bunch darker than mine. Well played good sir.


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