13 Jul 2017

Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons WIP 2

Hi one and all,

Further progress with Magnus the Red,I've redesigned the base slightly, using rocks instead of buildings- the thought was to try and represent Fenris during the invasion. These were test fitted to make sure Magnus can stand on top of the Dreadnought and the rocks correctly.
 Also test fitted and base coated are the wings, I've opted for a phasing of Red, to Blue to Green-then washed with Agrax. I've done the same style with the feathers on Magnus' body. These will have several dry brushed highlights of a range of colours to make them pop!
Next up is to work on the armour, once this is done and added I'll look to highlight the skin, so that the darker skin forms the shadow under the armour. I did wonder about not having the armour on at all, however I think I will have the armour in place.. he needs the nipple horns..

thanks for looking!


  1. That looks pretty good. Locking forward to the armour post!

  2. Looking good!!

    Eager to see more pics further in the development of the mini!


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