16 Jul 2017

New Primaris Marines - Plasma Inceptor, Chaplain, Reivers, Apothecary, Aggressors

Not sure if you've seen these yet? A quick post, these images are from the Warhammer Community site and lifted from Reddit (r/Warhammer40k). Plasma Armed Inceptors with re-entry masks down, look cool.
The Primaris Chaplain and Apothecary
The box art from the 10 man Reiver box set. Nice Harpoon Guns, I hope they come with optional helmets.
And some Heavy Support, Centurion style, the Primaris Aggressors, I like the look of these, hopefully they are heavy Bolt weapons on those gauntlets and 'Tau-like' Missile Pods (erm... Launchers!) which are hopefully Frag and Krak.


  1. So does this mean that SM Terminators are no longer the pinnacle infantry in the game ?

  2. Zzzzzz, Terminator Armour is a relic, the best they can produce so far is Gravis Armour, I guess these Aggressors are the Centurion counterparts. I'm sure a 'New' Tactical Dreadnought Armour replacement will come along in due course! Then the SM range can slowly be phased out... :(

    Monkeychuka, yes I'll probably pick up one of each too. It's inevitable lol

  3. Agree with everything you've said!

    I'm not sure it means SM Terminators aren't the pinnacle though - the Gravis armour only gives a 3+ save, though it does increase toughness by a point.

    Personally, having played a few games of 8th now, I think I'd prefer the 2+ armour with the invun. Still, if the range is good enough on them (and therefore I really hope those bolt weapons are heavy bolter equivalents) it should keep them out of harms way as much as possible.

  4. Nick, yes it would be nice if the older Terminator armour remained the best, as it rightly should be as a 'holy' relic and revered in limited numbers. MK X Armour being the standard with bolt-on additional plating systems like Reiver, Aggressor, Inceptor and Gravis being the extent of flexibility. But, I fear the nu-marines range with undoubtedly expand and the inevitable codex creep will see new variants of 'Terminator' or 'Heavy Gravis' armour re-engineered appear sometime in the not too distant future - it will be interesting to see what makes it into the new Codex:SM later this year.


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