1 Dec 2016

WeeMen 500,000 page views. Thanks - Blog Giveaway time!

A huge thank-you to all our readers who pop in and say hi to our corner of the blogosphere. So in WeeMen tradition and other blogger buddies who I encourage to do similar, (and do, well done guys!) I thought a rather nice prize giveaway was in order.
500,000 number
We started the blog as a place to share between us what we were up to, and anyone else could drop in if they wanted. Lord Halfpenny and I don't live in the same town. 6thDegree joined us and lives further away so the blog helps us keep our hobby mojo going and share our interests. The blog is also 8 years old and 700 posts - my first post is one on basing made simple and we hit half a million page views at the end of November! (Although, no idea how many are bots...)

Now for some bigger blogs out there where I frequent, looking at you fantastic Battle Bunnies, Tale of Painters and Faeit212, 500,000 page views is probably a monthly occurrence! But for us, its a nice purely arbitrary milestone.

As you can see, the blog readership is growing over time, thanks in some part to Reddit links which is nice, but more importantly, we have met some wonderful blogger buddies through the blog and especially BlogWars (Cheers Alex at From the Fang), used their talents for painting (Mordian7th, Pirate Viking Painting, Blue Warp Studios and recently 30Kplus40K) and even met up for a battle (Admiral Drax) and arranged meet ups at Gameday but missed due to queues (soz Drake Seta, Col H).

And a shout out to a few blogger buddies, who keep coming back and commenting, or inspiring . Nice chaps all, please check out their blogs for more hobby goodness. And apologies if you don't see your name, I haven't listed everyone, in no particular order:

Dave Taylor at Dave Taylor Miniatures
Dave Weston at Confessions of a 40K Addict - thanks for the picture of 500,000 too!
Zzzzzz at DevosIV
Corrm at St Andrews Wargaming
Joe B at Broken Paintbrush
Andrew and Col F at Iron Legions
Rictus at Recalcitrant Daze
Shadow and Drake (again) at Titan Owners Club
Nick Thrower at The Burning Eye
Rory Priest at Stepping Between Games
NafNaf at Objective Secured
Ron at FromTheWarp - we miss you mate!

See loads of positive hobby great stuff out there!

Now about that giveaway - what to do to get your hands on a chance to win the prize. Well, it could be subscribe, or write some fluff, but I'd rather use this to do some good at this time of year (of course these will be good too, please follow the Blog or put us in your sidebar!). I will post up who the lucky single winner is around Christmas, so please donate for a chance to win this giveaway prize! Thank-you. And it is a sad state of affairs when you have to put quasi-legal speak on a charity giveaway, but that's the way of the world...

Check out the link below or Charity Button in the sidebar >>>>> to the Just Giving page to 'sponsor' me giving funds to Cancer Research UK.
JustGiving - Raffle!

Only one single prize of a Collectors Edition Space Marine Terminator Chaplain BNIB, entry to the prize raffle is via a one pound donation, each single pound will qualify for a single entry. Winner chosen by me using random number generator and winner notified by a BlogPost here on the blog jsut after Christmas Day 2016. No cash alternatives, items lost in post will not be refunded, i will obtain proof of postage and post to wherever the winner notifies me via the comments on the blog or PM via Google etc. Its a charity giveaway - I bought the prize already, the charity gets all the funds via Just Giving.com

DONATE to this fantastic cause, close to my heart, for a chance to win!


  1. Great idea Siph - pleased to be able to help out!

    Congrats on the views too, I found you blog a while back with your Xiphon Interceptor articles and was really impressed so I kept coming back.

  2. Congrats, that's a great achievement, one I hope to match one day in the far future! (thanks for the shout out too).

    Great idea for the giveaway. I've made my donation, hope other do the same too.

  3. Congrats on the view milestone. Nothing like some legally binding terms & conditions to finish the post!

  4. Good work on the Blog and fundraising

  5. Wow, that's a big number!!

    Excellent way to run the giveaway, better than the usual comments draw. Looking forward to you celebrating the million views!

  6. Congrats!

    and thanks for the shout out.

    [group hug]

  7. Well done all on the half a frikking million views. That is stunning, glad people keep coming back to you and I get more lovely posts to read. I am on a fifth of that.

    Wonderful idea on the charity aid for the give away and all. Had this been after Christmas I might have joined in. Hmm might find a way.

    Regardless,straight on to a million!

  8. Thank you everyone and thanks Rory! Ideal.

  9. Can you give us some tutorial, how to paint Legio Astorum sign? 😊

  10. Congrats on the milestone! :)

  11. A worthwhile cause.

    thanks for the shout.

    and an interesting and inspiring blog.

    Forward march to a million hits.

    Bots be damned.

  12. Thanks Zzzzz and Jabberjabber, glad you find it interesting.

    @ galding9, I'm afraid I didn't paint those Titan, it was Rich Gray, Slayer Sword winner. But if you check back in a few months I will attempt my Warlord in an attempt to copy Rich's efforts, but as I can make out, it's a black layer, a round sticker mask which is oversprayed with the base coat Blue and then the white halo and then when dry, the mask is removed, revealing the black layer underneath.

  13. Congratulations guys, now I know which milestone it was ;) BTW, Ron returned to blogging this year, if you didn't know, but it was a new blog about Space Hulk. He and a friend had been playing, tweaking the rules for a more balance view. I've just checked my blogger list and the only blog I think it can be seems to go to a blank page so maybe he's abandoned it, which is a shame.

  14. Congrats on the milestone! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts over the years and look forward to reading more in the years to come - keep up the fantastic work!

  15. Congrats on the 500000 views...figures i can only dream of ;)


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