12 Dec 2016

Terrain and Scenery - Vengeance Weapon Battery

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. Although I have an extensive terrain collection now, all built and painted, I still like to add some scenic pieces and try out some of the Fortifications on offer. I haven't yet used the Plasma Obliterator game wise, but it has graced a few battlefields as a thematic piece of scenery nevertheless.
Some items that I might just use are these great little turrets, armed with either Battlecannons or Punisher Cannons, they could very much fulfill a battle role at being some well needed Anti-Tank / Heavy firepower or horde killing weight of shots. Who doesn't like Heavy 20, twice?!
The kit does come with two barrels, but luckily the Punisher cannon barrel end fits into the Battlecannon, so I could construct and glue together, it looks fine (IMHO) as either. And this way can be swapped out whenever points are tight or the role I envisage changes beforehand for battles.
I used some transfers from a SuperHeavy Tank transfer sheet to get some numbers which were suitably large enough and the Catachan Green scheme with the dull metal compliment each other and is a lot less 'bling' than the GW designs, but brings its own gravitas I reckon - proper heavy metal! I also opted to leave off three ornate skull plates to give some blank surfaces to put the transfers on.
Where I keep the spare barrel ends - magnets are wonderful!
And here finally is the Vengeance Battery alongside the heavier Plasma Obliterator. They look pretty cool, and should provide an ideal narrative to a future game. Thanks for dropping in. Siph.
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  1. They look fantastic, and the muted metals and camo-green paintjob definitely give a sense of realism to them. I'm really rather tempted to pick up a pair myself having seen them looking like that.

  2. Very evocative of 40k drab military emplacements! Awesome stuff dude :)

  3. Great job. That extra barrel storage idea is brilliant!

  4. Ace stowage - love the moreisless with the skulz. Fantastic colour scheme.

  5. I'll echo what everyone else said, they look great. I like neutral colors for terrain because it both looks semi real and makes the armies on the table pop by comparison.

  6. Thank you everyone. Yes I like the militaristic colours of my terrain, you are right it does allow the miniatures to do the talking on the table top and the scenery set the stage. Cheers everyone, now go paint your grey plastic scenery! I bet you all have some needing doing!

  7. I like the green and that fantastic idea of storing the extra turret bit underneath.


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