27 Dec 2016

Happy Christmas! And the Charity Giveaway Prize goes to...

A huge thank-you to all our readers who pop in and say hi to our corner of the blogosphere. And a bigger thanks to the entrants to the Charity giveaway. It was only an arbitrary figure of:
500,000 number
... page views and now that's accelerated to over 531,000 already! Jeez, I'll have to start thinking what to give for the Millionth page view at this rate, lol.

So the crunch of the article, I used a random.org number generator to choose the random number click that would win, each entrant donation of whole £1 translated to a single entry, so a number was generated and the lucky winner was:
£69.26 raised so 69 whole pounds of entry tickets. Using Random.org generator:
Number 10, the tenth ticket happens to be among the first donation! Congrats to:


Contact me buddy with your address and I'll get this prize to you.

Thank-you for everyone who donated to this worthy cause, you are good good people. And thank-you to all the readers for making the WeeMen blog one of your blogroll regular reads, cheers.


  1. Woohoo! Thank you so much!

    I can also promise you this won't be going on eBay, I wanted this guy to join the dusk Knights when I first saw the model then quickly realised there was no way I'd be able to afford him, so this really has made my day!

    Thank you to all at the weemen blog, and siph in particular, and thanks also to everyone who donated, it's such a good charity and worth every penny. For those who don't know Siph was very generous with my own charity fundraising in August so I'd have donated in return even if there hadn't been a prize on offer.

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Siph can you email me at theburningeyeblog@gmail.com and I'll let you have my address.


  2. Nick, thanks for your donation and kind words and I've emailed you. Glad us Bloggers can do small acts of kindness like HMtQ said in Her Christmas speech ;)

  3. So close! Congrats Nick, can't wait to see it painted.


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