19 Dec 2016

Necron Deathmarks - Hunters from Hyperspace!

Hello Readers, hopefully you are nearly prepared for the festive season if you choose to celebrate. Thanks for dropping in, here is the latest additions to my Necron force, some sneaky sinister sniper robots - the Necron Deathmarks.
These beauties are armed with the Synaptic Disintegrator, a rapid fire sniper weapon, so with the special Deathmark rules you'll definitely be able to position these within half range of the 24in gun and get two shots each.
But what makes these actually quite fun to field is the Hunters From Hyperspace rules, these basically get to shoot the enemy on the turn the enemy arrives from deep strike, so the Skyhammer Devastators with Grav Cannons arrive, step out of the pod and then these materialise next to them, firing twice and hopefully taking out those Grav Cannons in the Movement phase before they fire!
What makes them better, is the fact that on the turn they arrive from Deep Strike, Ethereal Interception means they wound on a 2+ rather than the normal sniper 4+ regardless of toughness. Yes, you may get normal armour (AP5) saves but wounding Tau, Monsterous Creatures, Artillery or Wraithknights or rending at AP2 might hurt those machines badly.
And they are an Auxiliary Formation to add to the Decurion Detachment so buff their Reanimation Protocols to a 4+. Certainly not game breaking, but an annoying useful Deep Striking harassment unit, especially when fielding a squad of ten - but then the Deep Strike scatter may affect the usefulness. And again, snipers with only BS4... the same as the Necron Warrior.
I can't wait to field these, firstly as a squad of 5, but I have bought another 5 to bolster their numbers. I painted them a lot darker than the rest of the Necrons, still used some Blue to link them in, but the main colour of these snipers armour is Black, edged with Eshin Grey, like any decent sniper should be ;)
Here they are harassing a Skyhammer Devastator Combat Squad.
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  1. Nicely done. I like the contrast of your color choices.
    It's nice to see Next one being painted that aren't Wraiths. So many interesting units in the book that get overshadowed by the most powerful formations.

  2. Awesome looking deathmarks. That is quite the force you have going on now!

  3. Robots with beards ?!?! Whatever next...

  4. Beards are very 'on' trend at the moment, you can't blame the necrons for getting on board...

    Siph, cool job! Nice one.

  5. Very cool! Those turned out looking very menacing - good stuff, man!

  6. I like the blue and red colors on them, very menacing. They sound like they could do something serious damage on the battle field as well.


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