7 Dec 2016

Necron Immortals w/ Tesla Carbines

Hello Good Readers, thanks for dropping in. Today I am showing the latest addition to the Necron Force I have. Seen here Feb 2015. A squad of 5 Immortals armed with Tesla Carbines.
These guys have been knocking about on the To-Do pile, albeit somewhat down the pile now for two years. I posted an article on how to get your monies worth out of a box of Immortals converting them with Warrior Torso and the spare Gauss weaponry to get ten from the box of five - Here.
I added more of the accent Blue than on the Warriors as these are higher up the pecking order, so the Blue and Gold reflect that. But still less than the HQ choices, so I limited the Gold to just a head stripe. The copper capacitor coils was done using the Citadel Fulgurite Copper, a lovely metallic paint with great coverage compared to the older Brazen Brass I was using. It was washed with Agrax Earthshade to darken it a little.
And finally, the whole squad. I plan on a lot more Gauss Blasters with the remaining 15 Immortals I have as you can never have too many Gauss weapons! This squad will probably drop in in a Night Scythe to hit smaller objective holding units in the backfield - using the extra Tesla shots to good effect - looking at you SM Scouts...

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  1. Every time I see people painting Necrons I wonder why I gave up on mine.

    These look great, especially the red parts, which really stand out as a nice spot colour.

  2. Looking nice. Always a bonus to get something off the to do pile.

  3. Not to lower the tone, but what are your piles like ?

    Oh the irony of having to click "I'm not a robot" on a post about Necrons....

  4. Thanks all, and yes my 'piles' are huge! But that's a good hobby affliction to have.

  5. Looking good Siph... Sorry for the late post!

  6. Ha Ha, Thanks Col H, and for the donation raffle entry! Good luck.


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