19 Jan 2015

Relictors Space Marine Librarian with Jump Pack

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. Here is some pics of my latest addition to the Relictors Battle Company, you didn't think I'd forgotten them and moved on to Necrons only, did you? ;)
Ever since I saw the Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard with their winged Jump Packs I knew I had to include one of them somewhere... well an ideal use I reckon is on an HQ Character, and since the Relictors have more than the average share of Librarians, I thought I'd address both and do another Librarian.
The feathers are painted with Dheneb Stone then washed with Asurmen Blue, drybrushed again with the Dheneb Stone followed by a light wash of Skull White to lighten the tips, but not to obscure the wash totally, giving I think, a more feathered look - maybe as the Relictors use Daemon Weapons in the fight against Chaos, these are not a mere mechanical jump-pack, but instead a chaos manifestation of real wings...
The main armour blue is Regal Blue with a highlight of Enchanted Blue which would work well for Crimson Fists too! The leather is Calthan Brown followed by a Nuln Oil wash and a highlight of Snakebite Leather. The sash is Dheneb Stone with a Kommando Khaki in the recesses and a Devlan Mud Wash and Dheneb Stone highlight. The Purity Seals are washed with Gryphonne Sepia instead.  My golds are a simple recipe of Brazen Brass, Wash with Devlan Mud, Brazen Brass again, Shining Gold and a drybrush highlight of Mithril Silver.
I particularly like the axe, these colours could double as an Ice Weapon for Space Wolves too. It was a blend of Enchanted Blue, Asurmen Blue wash in recesses, highlight of Hawk Turquoise, Lothern Blue and edge highlight Skink Blue, but a kinda wet blend throughout so apply while the Asurmen Blue Wash was not 100% dried - made it all blotchy.
Here's a shot of him on the table.
And finally with the other Relictors Librarians so far.


  1. Looking good! The group looks particularly good when placed together!

    You might consider adding some engine effects in the future. So much work on that mini, and then your engine is off :). Some nice orange might be a good contrast to the blues on the mini and add some pop and interest!

  2. Cheers Greg, the exhaust vents match the same as my two Assault Squads and Chaplain, but I should try to do a flame effect at some point, I get what you mean.


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