27 Jan 2015

Daemon Soul Grinder Conversion

Hi One and All,

thanks for popping over to Weemen!

Here are a couple of pictures of my Converted Soul Grinder, which I've added the final few touches to.

This originally was built a few years ago for BW3 (years ago!) but I've finally got the model out of the display cabinet and completed.

I decided a while ago that I wanted the soul grinder to look less static than the original, plus already having 2 Soul Grinders, I wanted something different- I also wanted one that looked in keeping with Khorne, as for BW3 I went for a full Khorne force. Having looked at all the models available that could be used I opted for the Cygor/Ghorgon beastman kit, which built as a Ghorgon had a suitable 'Khorne' feel to it.

The build was quite straightforward, I cut the hips/leg away at the level of the upper portion of the pelvis, utilising the 'hole' to allow the body to fit onto the Soul Grinder Chassis. The tabard from the sprue was also added to 'hide' the join from body to Chassis This was pinned into place, once I was happy with the pose- I wanted the model to look like he is about to smash something (tank, SM, Nid, Grot etc.) I used all four arms of the Ghorgon- with the forearms on the right replaced with a Soul Grinder Claw and the Harvester cannon. The Left upper arm had the SG sword added.  To add to the dramatic pose the legs were positioned to exacerbate the pose- as if in mid fight.

The model was painted with a major lean to Reds, with a slow build up to brighter reds from the more deeper ones. The chassis was dry brushed up to grey/silver from black.
I really like the view from the front of the  model, which shows a lot of movement with the combination of the arms position- the left arms are open, with the right ones coming forward to attack- this is also helped by the legs- with the right front leg down to support the weight of the arms coming forward.. 

Thanks for reading!!


  1. A painted Daemon from LordH!!!!

    Lol - looking good, how many more to go?

  2. Thanks 6th! there will be further updates on the deamon force... (which is mostly done..)


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