15 Jan 2015

Chaos Warhound Project - Painting the Carapace

I'm back again (told you I was making a lot of progress!) and this time it is the carapace that is finished.

You can see here, the torso ceiling section that fits into the carapace, that I finished earlier in the project.

Build-wise, the carapace wasn't that tricky; I had to trim down one of the sides that sits against the torso, due to one of the torso sections not being entirely straight - but the part is not visible when assembled. I also added the hatches to the carapace that fit over the side compartments of the torso - meaning that those interiors are now visible. They were a little awkward to add to ensure that they were flush to the torso, but also had a strong join on the carapace - in the end I had to greenstuff a few gaps where they meet the carapace, but they look seamless now from the exterior.
The torso ceiling fit in easily and is yet another example of a lot of obscured detail (I still cant get over how much there is on this thing).
Paint-wise, the carapace matches the rest of the black armour panels and I have painted it to be battle-scarred with parts of the daemon interior starting to show.
I have checked that carapace fits nicely with the completed parts of the Warhound - and it does - but I am going to refrain from posting any full pictures until it is done now.

Cheers, the6thDegree

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  1. Love the battle scarring you've done. It looks ace!


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