2 Jan 2015

Chaos Warhound Project - Legs

Happy New Year all - hope you had a good one!

Today I am showing off the work I have done on the Warhound legs (click here for the build stages) which are now finished.

The legs were by far the biggest job to paint to-date, as all the other pieces have been done in parts - but I wanted to make sure the legs were stable and load bearing before painting - which meant painting them fully built. This brought up two issues; 1) getting access to a few nooks and crannies (although this wasn't as bad as I feared) and 2) the weight - the legs are pretty hefty, but they are attached to terrain'd chopping board base (2kg doesn't seem like much until you are holding it in one hand for 8+ hours).

The paint job went the same way I would paint any Iron Warrior vehicles; undercoat and then my metallic recipe (basecoat, black wash, overbrush, drybrush x2, bronzes/golds, highlights and final wash). To make things more manageable, I took the legs to the drybrushing stage and then broke them down into stages (feet, shins, thighs etc) to make it more manageable.
Once all the metallics were done, I then focused on the armour plating and matched them to the Armour Panels I completed previously.

The last step was pretty exciting - actually attaching the Panels to the legs, meaning that everything below the waist is now finished.

I actually painted up the base before adding the panels, so that I could access everything and weather the feet to match the base - but I will cover that off in another post.


  1. Looks awesome fella. Coming along nicely!

  2. Really nice work! I love those armor plates and the way the metallics are done. It's impressive to me when people work on titans, because it's so much surface area to paint!


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