5 Jan 2015

Necron C'Tan Shard - Shard of the Nightbringer

Happy New Year! Hello avid Readers, thanks for dropping in again. I have always loved the Nightbringer C'Tan Shard model, like a big scary 'Death' figure, looming over the battlefield. Well, after my dealings so far with the Finecast (Failcast) Necron Cryptek or Heavy Destroyers (binned), I opted for an old metal version from EBay. Thise long extended arms would be too flimsy and no-doubt mis-cast too - so a metal one will be better!
Not all my own work, the C'Tan was painted to a good enough standard as seen above, I just had to repair the damage (both arms) and repaint the joins, base and Scarabs. I also re-did the Scythe and blade and added some Blood for the Blood God effects on the blade. He is a little mis-built at the knee which can be seen at the top photo, however, without pointing it out you didn't notice - there was too much glue in the join to remake without damaging it - so it will do nicely as is.
A rather characterful and nice addition to the Necron Army so far. Hope you like the progress I've been making. I've a busy New Yearfor the first few months, so posts may be scarce until I've moved to a bigger better Weeman House!


  1. Good find - although I wouldn't want to build the metal version and try to get it to balance in that position....

  2. That's a great looking ctan "shard". I always liked those guys. I hope they come back in a big way in the new codex!

  3. Cheers Greg, I hope they are not nerfed and 6th, I think it's pegged so it's quite sturdy.

  4. Its looking good. Very nice paint job. You cannot see the join really. I think the blue of the flesh really sets a nice contrast to the black robes.

    I have a finecast one i am planning to convert, and although the cast is fine, the robe ends are very flimsy (and quite rubbery, but this is due to leaving it in fairy power spray too long)


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