12 Jan 2015

Chaos Warhound Project - painting the Head

Hi all - starting to feel like I am making some real progress on the Warhound now, so next thing to show you is the head that I have finished.

I started with the interior and painted up the pilots to match the uniform of the engineer who was unfortunate enough to be entombed in the torso section, but gave the Princep a bit of gold flourish. The interiors were actually one of the harder parts to paint - loads of fine detail but access was a little tricky.

All the control panels were painted up and the interior of the roof was also painted to match.

Being Legio Mortis I took a look at some pictures and was pleased to see the heads are typically red, which breaks up all of the black and metallics nicely.
The rest of the exterior was painted up on my usual style, so small elements such as the lights are consistant across all of my vehicles.
Looks pretty nice all built up!
Cheers, the6thDegree


  1. Looking fantastic. Just love these update posts! It's almost like I could afford my own! :)

  2. Looking awesome 6thdegree, can't wait to see in the creepy flesh...

  3. or even amazing.. curse my fat fingers..

  4. I'm sorry, the fingers you have used to type your message are too fat. Please mash the keyboard now.

    Cheers all - can't wait to show off the finished thing!


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