5 Nov 2014

Something big on the horizon from the6thdegree

Hi folks - just a quick sneak peek into what I am going to be working on for the foreseeable future:

Yes - its a Chaos Warhound titan! I thought it was about time I joined the big boys (well...LordH and Siph at least) and started tooling the Iron Warriors up with some super-heavy support.

I am hoping to blog my way through the entire process - design, build and paint, so that folks can see how you go from approx 200 bits of resin to a bad-ass titan.

The kit only turned up yesterday, so at this stage I am still researching build tutorials and working out how I want it posed and based - so if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments.

In the mean time I will still be painting my way through a backlog of mini's and throwing them up on here for you to check out when I finally remember to take some pics.

Iron Within!


  1. This is going to be an amazing project...I hardly ever see the inside of the cockpit. Looks awesome and you haven't even started!

  2. Thanks Greg - you say amazing...I'm using words like scary, daunting and overwhelming at the moment - but it is going to be good to share the journey with everyone.

    I will definitely be building the titan so you can access and see the inner parts (they are all crazily detailed).

  3. You'll love the mini bat rep we just did, I'll post it here soon as I have written it. Reaver vs Warhounds, it was a fun scenario.

  4. I got some highlights from LordH - sounded ace. Think we'll need a trip to WHW for some titan action when I get mine done (and LordH finally gets started on his Reaver...).

  5. Nice project. It is quite a task to build them. When I started blogging I did a trio of two Warhounds and a Reaver which you could check out for inspiration if you want. There are some tricks and suggestions in there about the build phase. agis40k.blogspot.com. I am looking forward to following your build.

  6. can't wait to see the finished Warhound! I might have to find (and dust off) my Reaver and run the build project in parallel..


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