16 Nov 2014

Chaos Warhound Project – double trouble!

A short non-building post today…
So a couple of days ago I had a Royal Mail pick up slip pushed through my door – very strange as I hadn't ordered anything recently… in fact the last thing I ordered was the Warhound. Me and LordH had a quick back and forward joking about the possibility of being sent another Warhound by accident.

…well…guess what it was? Another Chaos Warhound! A quick look at my bank and order history and I have definitely only paid and ordered for one and there is no trace of another being sent out on their systems, so it looks like my titan is now the first of a pair of Warhounds! I’ll be honest – I can live with these sort of customer service errors!

The plan for building the first Warhound is the same and I will only be focusing on one at a time – it is probably too much to try and build two simultaneously on my first titan project. It does mean however, that I only need a Chaos Reaver now to take on Siph's Titan Maniple… LordH – you best get a move on!

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