21 Nov 2014

Chaos Warhound Project – the torso

Hi again fellow titan fans! In the build process we now have the base and legs built and I can make a start on painting them, but first I need to tackle the torso.

I will definitely be painting the interiors, which I won’t be attempting to do when it’s assembled, so this phase is all about dry-fitting and pins (so sorry - its a bit dull...but hopefully it will be useful to some folks).

I’m not sure what to call the parts, but the torso is basically split into 4 areas and the shoulder weapon mounts (I am treating the head separately).

The rear of the torso is made up of 3 parts – the rear compartment and left and right flanks, with the front only being made up of the a single front compartment piece. After clean up, I focused on the rear section first and used three pins to fix the left and right flanks. With these pins, there is enough strength to hold together for now without any glue.

With those fixed, I then pinned the front compartment to the rear with four more pins (it was tricky getting them all lined up, but the areas will be completely covered, so there is no harm with a few errant test holes…). Again, four pins is enough to hold the pieces together without glue.
Lastly was the shoulder weapon mounts – these seem really easy to attach, but the weapons are pretty heavy and I will be using nuts and bolts so that the arms are interchangeable – which means the shoulders need to be able to take a lot of weight and punishment, so I ended up using 3 pins on each shoulder at different angles; the resin will break before those joints do.
Pinning note – when I am dry-fitting with pins, I only ever glue one end in – this means that the angle and length won’t change and the joints will still fit perfectly later.

I now have an almost complete torso section that is dry-fitted, so it’s just a case of pulling it all apart – although not the shoulders (because of all the extra pins) and making a start on the interiors.
Note - not the final pose, it was just nice to balance the torso on the legs and finally start to see it come together...


  1. I don't think this is dull at all. In fact I find it fascinating, especially from the perspective of someone who has almost no concept how much work goes into one of these models!

  2. Definitly not dull, I look for these articles and save them for the distant day I put the model together. I guess the most interesting part for me is where/why pins and/or magnets are placed.

    Side note, wow! are you so lucky to get another titan for free.


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