3 Nov 2014

Necrons - Imotekh the Stormlord

Finally I completed a long overdue part painted project. I have been using Imotekh the Stormlord since my first Necron battle, however I hadn't completed him but finally I have.
The figure was another finecast one, however the cast was quite good and only the staff was problematic, the above view you can see the slight bend left in the staff after I straightened it, the top globe was also off-centre. But, these are only minor things - I think the miniature looks quite good. He may of lost a little finger off the gauntlet but that doesn't really show.
I used plenty of gold in his colour scheme to show his importance over the humble Warriors and Crypteks. His blue cloak reflects the blue of the vehicles of the army.
Thanks for dropping by, and hope you like. Have a safe and good Fireworks/Bonfire Night.  Siph


  1. Great job! I like how you rendered him out. Good scheme, painted well!

    I hated this model with a passion. I got one of the worst finecast models ever in my storm lord. His cloak actually broke apart when I was painting it...it was that brittle.

    Since I delivered him, he sits in a case, as my friend is terrified to play with him, because he'll probably shatter into a thousand pieces!

  2. Yep, I don't miss the fact that fine cast is no longer being manufactured!

  3. Love the blue. Lots of depth on the cloak.


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