31 Jan 2014

Necron Obelisk - Superheavy Flyer

A huge offering today, I have finished my Necron Obelisk superheavy skimmer, a Necron beast that is designed to clear the skies of enemy fliers with it's Gravity Pulse out to 24 inches hitting all enemy fliers with a Strength 8 hit every turn, nice.
Top that off with 4 Tesla Spheres for self protection and more firepower, this is a cool kit with a big battlefield presence. Surprisingly though, for such a big model, it was essentially just 4 sides of a box, quite quick to paint. The inside (only seen if you look directly underneath) is simply sprayed metallic and washed with Badab Black.
I have continued my Necron colour scheme from my own Necron Flyer Doom/Nightscythe using Necron Abyss and Encharted Blue as a highlight plus the lower section as a metallic colour. The gauss energy for my army is a reddish colour and looks great against the blue as a spot colour.
One of my favourite parts is the Canoptek Guardians attached to the sides, each with another Gauss glow light for another spot colour and the 64 legs I foolishly had to paint the crevices with Boltgun Metal (Leadbleacher) after seeing the 'Eavy Metal version... but it makes the model for me.  The final photo below shows a quite 'Independence Day'-esque view of the crashed Imperial flyer. Nice.

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  1. Love it! Need to see how the rest of your Crons are going.


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