4 Jan 2014

Inquisitor Torquemada Coteaz and Psyber Eagle

So here is my latest offering, an e-bay purchase from a while ago - not all my own work I hasten to add, I liked the scheme so bought it and then repaired the chips, did the eyes, bionic eagle eye, cloak fur and re-painted the highlights on the cloak and the psber-eagle, did the purity seal and washed stuff here and there plus gave the base a paintjob to match all my others and in 1hr - bam! An as new Inquisitor Coteaz!
He is a nice new addition to the Allies of my Relictors - I will need to do the Servitor's he came with at some time in the future, maybe even need to do that box of Paladins and Grey Knights I bought ages ago... the Grey Knight's side project lost it's Stormraven to the Relictors when they changed the rules to allow all Marines to field them. So many projects and not enough hobby time!

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  1. I haven't seen one of these for a while. Looking good.


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