7 Jan 2014

Ultramarines vs Relictors Battle Report - 2000pts

Hi All,

With Siph being in the UK for a brief time last time he was in the country we set up a cheeky 2000 point battle to test out some of the new Space Marine Units- and for Siph to collect his Codex! But we never got round to posting until now!

The battle mission was 'purge the alien' with hammer and anvil deployment. The terrain was positioned to look like the outer defences for an abandoned city- using the walls of martyr and several 40k buildings.

My Ultramarine force included several new units that I hadn't used previously with the new codex- Tigurius- who has always been my favourite 40k character took command of my force, which also included a Scorpius Whirlwind (Forgeworld IA variant-using my old whirlwind model) and a landing pad to act as a fire base for my Contemptor and Centurions (cheesy yes, but I knew I was going to be needing a 4+invulnerable saves for the centurions..)

Siph's force included several new 'units' including 3 Devastator Centurions, Sternguard with Grav combi weapons and a squad of Scout bikers. Plus a Tac Sqd with a Grav Gun and some SM Bikes with Grav Guns. Two Vindicators formed the main guns of the army.
Turn 1- Ultramrines
  • Drop pod arrived, deep striking into the heart of the Relictors line- with its payload of 10 sternguard- causing wounds to the tactical marines and scout bikers with venegence rounds.
  • Scorpius Whirlwind caused further casualties to the tactical squad
Turn 1- Relictors
  •  The Tactical Squad, Grav Centurions, Scout Bikers and Marine Bikers turned on the recently arrived UM Sternguard and wiped them out to a man, pod and all.
  • Vindicators moved up to just outside the UM Centurions range ready for a turn two Barrage.
  • Relictor Sternguard podded into the rear lines of the UM army, using there Combi-Gravs, opened up on the Terminators killing 2 (Storm Shields saving the other 3 from 8 hits!) - the pod had a Locator Beacon for turn two Deep-Strike Teleporting Termies.
  • Scout squad on foot moved up the flank using Scout move and Run to get into position for their Teleport Beacon.
Turn 2- Ultramarines
  • Contemptor moves to fire upon the sternguard, with combined fire from the tactical squad all of the Relictor veterens are wiped out
  • Terminators charge the drop pod- however are unable to destroy the pod
  • Scorpius fire kills further Tactical marines
Turn 2 - Relictors
  • Both Assault and Terminator squads arrive via deep strike 
  • Terminators open fire on the tactical squad- killing all 5 members
  • They then braced to weather the return fire from the Grav Centurions and Contemptor on the landing pad - hopefully they won't be able to see under the pad, however the scatter put me in the open.
  • Vindy's both move up into Grav Weapon range to fire and fire on the Centurions, killing two and missing Tigurius due to 'Look Out Sir'. More damage would have been done but both shots scattered 5in and 4++ saved 2 Centurions, darn Landing Pad special rules.
Turn 3- Ultramarines
  • Combined fire from tactical squad and Tigurius wipes out the terminator squad
  • Assault marines, razorback and second tactical combat squad combined fire wipes out 4 Assault terminators- with the 5th dispatched by the assault squad in CC
  • Scorpius Relic Whirlwind fire kills another tactical marine
  • Centurions freed from the Terminator threat open fire on Vindicators- destroying one, and stunning the second
  • Assault terminators still unable to destroy drop pod in CC 
Turn 3-Relictors
  • Vindicator returns fire at centurions- but misses! They are either really effective, or as scatter has made them in this game - useless.
  • Scouts open fire on marines in the ruins- killing one
  • Centurions and contemptor move forward keeping out of range of the UM Centurions, Contemptor blows arms off UM Dreadnought.
Turn 4- Ultramarines
  • Second Vindicator is destroyed with grav fire from centurions
  • Scorpius fires on scout biker squad, killing 2 scouts
Turn 4-Relictors
  • Scout with missile launcher fires at Scorpius- destroying it - much to the relief of Siph!
  • Tactical marine with missile launcher fires at the razorback, again destroying the vehicle. 
  • All or nothing, Relictor Centurions and Contemptor move forward towards the UM Centurions and Tigurius- their shooting killing a single UM Centurion, failed by a withering hail of ones... just my luck. Contemptor opened up n UM counterpart and failed to damage!
Turn 5- Ultramarines
  • UM Centurions open fire under guidance from Tigurius' 'prescience' wiping out the Relictor counterparts
  • Tactical Marines open fire at scouts, killing one
  • UM Mortis Contemptor destroys the Relictor contemptor with combined Kheres Assault Cannon and missile fire.
Turn 5- Relictors
  • Scout bikers move forward and open fire on centurions killing one
  • Scouts return fire- killing a tactical marine
End of game
As the battle concluded, points were calculated- a narrow Win for Lord Halfpenny- 12-10!!    
Lord Halfpenny - I really enjoyed this battle, the plan to utilise the landing pad as a fire base worked perfectly- if very cheesey- (I'm sure this would of been a perfect plan in Gulli's eyes) the centurions and the contemptor 'duel off's' were my favourite parts, It was interesting to see how Tigurius got on with the new 'rules' I had hoped to have had 'iron arm' and ploughed him into the middle, however my rolling, and re-rolling failed me to start! I also really liked, and was impresed by the Scorpius- so much so I've ordered one! (or two...)

Siph - I was surprised of the effectiveness of the 4++ save given by the Landing Pad, sneaky Lord Halfpenny. My first tactic was to land a pod on the Landing pad and shoot the Centurions with the Sternguard, however that was foiled by positioning so I opted for shooting the Termies, but Storm Shields did their work and saved the squad I targeted. The duels of the Centurions were a highlight, but much to the dissapointment of my Centurions. I could have stayed out of range and danced off, however I chose to play all or nothing - but failing. Nevermind, a very enjoyable game. Next time I'll just target the Landing Pad building itself with the Vindicators - destroying it would have saved me a lot of frustration and hit the units sheltering on it!
Here's to the next encounter!!

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