21 Jan 2014

Forgeworld Sicaran Battletank Size Comparison

For all those who want to see the size of the fairly new FW Sicaran Battle Tank, here is a few shots of it with the next two sized tanks - the Sicaran is meant to be the STC link between a Landraider and a Predator, a proper Astartes Battletank, so this shows the size against those.
The Imperial Armour Vol2, 2nd Edn book War Machines of the Adeptus Astartes has rules for this tank, the relic status means one can be fielded with normal 40K, and it is worth it with Accelerator Autocannons (Hvy 6, TL and Rending) and Lascannon Side Sponsons it threatens Landraiders (and the high rate of TL fire means it does kill them).
As for the model itself, the two track sections and sides are one piece each with the hull pieces in-between, it fits together easily and was (Lord H's words) a dream to build with only the usual minor straightening of the cannon barrels.

As for its looks, we both love its hunkered down heavy metal look and I can't wait to build mine. Lord H is a little further ahead with it's construction and basecoated as above. We'll post here when done.

Hope you found the comparison helpful.


  1. Thanks for posting this. I've wondered about the tanks size for sometime!

  2. it's a really nice kit- and really looks at home sat with other space marine tanks- they really have captured the right elements of the raider and rhino and forged them into the sicaran..


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