23 Nov 2012

WIP- Techmarine Master of the Forge Jet Bike

A quick Work in Progress post,

I have been working on a project for some time now for my marines, a project which was 'in my head' for some years..

I love the master of the ravenwing jetbike, and really wanted to include something similar with my marines- more for the look of the model than the rules set.. I decided to go for a master of the forge on the jet bike- in keeping with the fluff for the forge master. I had bought a jet bike some years ago, however I never got the project going due to being metal, and the thought of cutting into it to convert filled me with dread- then finecast arrived!

Siph bought me the Jetbike for my birthday last year, I had already planned and purchased the 'weapon of choice' from forgeworld- a conversion beamer.

The Jet Bike
The jet bike was converted, with the plasma cannon cut away, and the conversion beamer from a contemptor used in its place- I used half the arm joint to act as the weapon brace. The end of the plasma cannon was attached to the back portion to give the appearance of the vents from the conversion beamer.
The Rider

The Master of the Ravenwing had his legs chopped from just above the knee, and replaced with the legs from a techmarine with a servo harness. The said model's torso was then used as the body of the rider. The left 'axe' arm was used- both to show his rank, but also it looks pretty sweet the way he is holding aloft- even though he is flying around at speed. The right arm with the bolter, had the bolter cut away, the wrist was then glued to the right hand on the handle bars. There is tubing from the wrist that was glued to the handle bars also.
The back of the rider had several 'wires' and 'tubes' attached, again in keeping with the look of a techmarine.
I'm really pleased with the final look of the conversion- I plan to have two bases for the  model- the first a 'flying base' the second a dynamic base that's angled for storage in my cabinet.

I hope you like- time to paint him!


  1. He looks freaking amazing dude, can't wait to see it with some paint on.

  2. Wicked conversion mate. I'm actually collecting Jetbikes of my own for a little Pre-Heresy project. How is the kit to work with? I've got 3 metal ones coming in off of ebay and I want to know what I'm in for.

  3. Sweet piece of work there - I'm impressed! Now get some paint on that bad boy!!!

  4. I love this version, so much better than my bike and sidecar version, oh well, another to-do project on my list.

    I 2nd 6th's... get painting! Ha Ha

  5. Thanks all for the comments,

    Sean- The finecast model was a lot easier to work with than the metal one- I was very lucky that when I cut the plasma cannon away, the conversion beamer fitted perfectly..

    Tristan M, 6th, Siph- will paint him up once the daemons are completed for BW4...

  6. That's so cool! Cannot wait to see that with some painting on it, its going to be brilliant. What a clever conversion.

  7. That is seriously cool - grade A conversion work there, man!

    Looking forward to seeing it painted up. Keep up the great work!

  8. This is awesome. Great Work!


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