2 Feb 2009

Mk 1's Razorback and Vindicator

Here are two tanks from my collection, The razorback is about 12-13 years old, (my first tank, aged 14..ah the memories..)and will be given an fresh lick of paint. I like the fact that the new Space Marine Codex discusses this variation, with the lascannon/twin-linked plasma configaration.

The second tank again is about 12 years old. I based the idea on the vindicator from the final liberation computer game. The tank then was armed with a thunderer cannon. I'm planning on have this as a Mk I version. As again this variation was mentioned in the codex in the history of the vindicator.. The tank itself was based on the old rhino, with a massive cannon on the front. I used the largest syringe I could find. The original version had the roof open, with crew interior. I used two plastic marines, some cpu boards trimed around the edge and some shells from another kit for the main weapon. However when GW produced on I felt it didn't look right to have a tank, with a huge weapon showing its workings, so I added the metal roof with the fans on it..


  1. That vindi barrel is huge. How big are the shells for that? Hopefully the game does not go to extra turns or you would run out of ammo.

    Can we get some more detailed pics of the razorback. I am starting to work on a coversion for one and would like to see more of the turret.

  2. WHEW - now that's a cannon built for demolishing! Sorry I must've been mistaken, I thought you had scratchbuilt the whole thing!

  3. That is hilarious! Ha Ha. Comical barrel on vindy!

  4. Thanks guys! Sorry about the confusion natsirtm, True its a very large beast of a cannon, and yes Siph, quite comical!!

    eriochrome, I'll get some mk I razorback shots online over the next day or so..


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