15 Jan 2018

Space Hulk Blood Angels - Converting into Relictors Terminators

Hello Readers, I thought I'd kick off the new year with some more to-do pile work and as a few dedicated followers may recall (?) I did my first Space Hulk Terminator back in February 2011... well, enough time languishing in the to-do pile - these are seeing light of day once more!
To add to my ranks of Terminator Assault Squads, I love some Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield action, so the Sergeant of a new squad will be the TH SS Sergeant from Space Hulk - but with a suitable skull shaped Storm Shield made from the Arcane Ruins set. I've used these before as vehicle adornments on my Whirlwind Tanks - and their size is ideal as a Storm Shield.
The hand and handle was trimmed off of the existing Storm Shield which was discarded, I plan on adding a small Terminus Crux embellishment on the forehead to avoid too much of a chaos vibe.
Here are two other Space Hulk Blood Angels undergoing transformation into Relictors Terminators, both of a shooty variety, they will be joining a converted metal Chaplain who has become a mean looking skull faced Sergeant and a Cyclone Launcher marine with an old school targeter arm... should be completed soon.
The final Space Hulk mini I'm converting into a Relictor, or in this case a originator Fire Claw Terminator, the Chapter the Relictors were once before starting their penitent crusade... as no canon scheme exists I going for a black with fiery orange red gauntlets (Fire Claws!) and a Space Wolves chapter badge of a clawed paw... so far the base is complete. This will make a nice objective, I included the building as he wouldn't be slumped in a throne in the middle of a battlefield, so a ruined building serves well - now a relic to be fought over and reclaimed for the Chapter!


Michael Corr said...

Great stuff, looking forward to seeing how these come along!

Siph_Horridus said...

Cheers mate, have finished the Fallen Termi Objective market now, will post soon! Termie Squad with SB/PF is well under way too

Grenn Dal said...

Very nice. Clear out that to do pile and bring on the assault termies. I am looking forward to seeing that one with the skull shield.

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