1 Jun 2012

Daemon's on route to Mansfield for BW3

The march to war starts.. a Daemon horde from Dorset heads northwards to claim more skulls for the Blood god....

What a weekend ahead of us, firstly we have Blog Wars 3 to look forward to 2nd June 2012, then on the 3rd, the Weemen team are off to Warhammer World for a cheeky 4 way battle with  Greylamb from Sheep of War for a Daemons/Nids vs Imperial battle with 12000 points of forces...

Skulltakers going to get you...


  1. Bring it on! I cant wait to see how the Knights fare against their greatest nemesis. Im not looking forward to 2++ saves though!!

  2. Good luck, guys - have fun!

  3. The Hive Fleet has awoken and its path to planet Maelstrom has been plotted. May the Emporer have mercy on your souls.


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