10 Jun 2012

BlogWars3 - Army Pics - Pic Heavy

Here are the pics of most armies that competed at BlogWars3 just over a week ago. Hope this gives you a few ideas for your own weemen...  Apologies if your's isn't pictured, a few were packed away in cases as I went around, however, I got most.

 My own SM Relictors
 Pornstarjedi's Chaos Daemons
 Rebel Alliance Guard - See below for Galactic Empire too
 X-Wing Vendetta
 Ian King's Raven Guard SM Scouts

 James Lamb's Jokaro Grey Knight Army

 Venerable Brother's 'Crons - Winner of BlogWars2+3

 Ignatum Firewasp's Nids - I played his Tau in BlogWars1

Index Astartes Jimbo's Best Painted Iron Hands
 Galactic Empire Guard - Rebel Prisoner Penal Legion
 Scout Biker Roughriders

 Guard Foot List
 6thDegree's Nids
 Atreides Guard
Grazer's Nids


  1. I think I got quite lucky with my Tau in blog wars 1, had your landraider survived it would have been a different game.


    (new blog)

  2. Maybe, but my list and tactics this time were better than back then too. Less all eggs in one basket and some fast MM madness. Shame we didn't get a rematch ;)

  3. Would have been nice to see how the nids would have coped against a space marine army rather then grey knights and dark elder, both of which army pretty bad matchups for tyranids.


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