4 Jun 2012

BlogWars3 - Weemen Results

 Siph's Relictors Space Marines
 Pornstarjedi's Daemons
6thDegree's Nids

So the team Weemen went to Blogwars3, at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield, UK organised by Alex from 'From the Fang' blog, many thanks Alex! Blogwars is a friendly tournament for bloggers and friends to meet the faces behind the blogs we read and have a few battles and every army has a special character - unique to Blogwars tournaments.

We battled 3 games over the day, but we didn't have to play against eachother which was a nice change, and we had a mixed bag of results but Weemen did okay I think. Siph did really well this year with 2 strong wins and a big loss against the defending champion Andy Humphris from SoS Blog (who went on to win again!) on the top table, eventually coming 7th out of 26. 6thDegree did some hard fought middle table battles and came out with 16th and bagged best painted Character for his Swarmlord, and Pornstarjedi took his Khorne Daemons and fought valiantly however the ageing Codex and random nature of Daemons meant he only succeeded in 25th... but no wooden spoon!

We all had a great day and it was great to meet our fellow bloggers. Cheers all for a good day!

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  1. You guys are turning into Blog Wars veterans now. Thanks for coming to all the events so far in one combination or another!

    I'll hopefully see you at the next one!


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