20 Jun 2012

Pornstarjedi- review of Blogwars 3

Hi all.

So- BW3- how did the daemons fair....

Laughable might be one way of putting it! the choice of a mono-khorne list definitely limited the army as a whole, as did my luck with the initial wave- failing 2 out of 3- however to be far, I think this would only have changed one of the games, however potentially this would have not really changed the final result.


Game 1  daemons taking on the imperial guard.

Game 2  daemons vs blood angles

Game 3- daemons against dark eldar

In all three instances, it was the first time I'd opposed the forces of each race- so it was a little of a challenge!- having normally fought Siph's marines, or nids/orks at my local GW,


Game 1- KP- loss-
Game 2- Objectives- draw-
Game 3- Quarters- loss-

however I am consistent- having finished with a loss, and 2 draws at BW1...


The Mono- Khorne army was found lacking in several key areas, too much emphasis was placed on the key units that died before being affect- the Bloodcrushers are too slow thus you spend a good few turns foot slogging it across to reach the opposition. The plan of 3 soul grinders in 1 wave might have been more affect in the later games, however the one turn they arrived as 1 was into lots of melta gun fire...


The next BW will see (depending on 6th) a full daemon army, with a combination of all 4 powers...either that or a return of my Ultramarines!

I am now the proud owner of the weeman wooden spoon...

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