12 Jun 2012

Legio Astorum Will Walk... Imperial Warhound Titan Canis Praetor

 Legio Astorum has a new titan. Introducing Warhound Titan 'Canis Praetor', brother titan of Warhound Titan 'Canis Bellum' and escort to Reaver Titan 'Honorum' of my fledgling Titan Legion! Ha Ha... have to wait now until FW do a Warlord!! I can hope.
 Once again, Richard Gray *Slayer Sword Winner 2014 has done it proud, check him out a http://www.richardgraycreations.com/ if you are interested in getting some fine quality work like this done for yourself. He is very professional and will ask you how exactly you want the details, pose, etc etc. after all, as he says, "it's your titan". I wanted a static pose as if he is firing those two Laser Destructors in your face/superheavy/titan...

 I promise to post pics of all three together once I receive him in the post shortly. Until then, here is a pic of him at Richard's front door waiting for the postman to collect him(!?)


  1. He does some beautiful work! I love how that turned out!

  2. Looks awesome, almost makes me want to buy another titan, yes, almost.....




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