4 May 2012

Second Trygon Complete

What sort of ‘Nids player am I when I have only just bought and painted a second Trygon after two years??? Well to be honest I’ve never been a massive fan of Trygons/Mawlocks and whenever I have played them, they have been a giant walking/slithering target that is usually dead by Turn 2.

But...when my lone Trygon has actually reached enemy lines, its always been huge amounts of fun – and if my opponent is spending two turns of dedicating fire just to kill a single 200pts model, then it means that’s two turns where everything has advanced relatively unscathed. And that’s exactly how I’ve been playing them; as a distraction that starts on the board and runs straight down the centre screaming “look at me!” and waving its numerous scything talons.

General consensus however, is that if you actually want them to be effective and reach enemy lines, you need more than one;  to make your enemy choose what to target and hopefully force them to make mistakes. Deep Striking them will also cause your opponent to lose it – a pair pf Trygons burrowing up in your deployment zone is never a good thing (unless you’re the ‘Nid player).

Recent test games have gone pretty well – with both Trygons causing havoc when I have ran them down the board and when I have Deep Striked them.

Anyway, here’s my latest addition!

BTW – I have been testing out the new Citadel Dry paints and I love them! Drybrushing yellow onto the black carapace used to be the bane of my life and I actually hated it when I got to this stage on every model, but I have been using the yellow Dry paint and the coverage is fantastic. Unfortunately it’s more of a pastel yellow rather than the bright yellow, but only one coat is required and then it takes 10 mins to go over it all with a brighter yellow. GW – thank you!


Dalinair said...

Very nice and i agree totally on the dry brush paint!

Siph_Horridus said...

Nice job, I remember taking down your first one at BW1, it certainly was a distraction. Great expansions since i've been away working - looking forward to BW3 and GW HQ the next day!

phil.w said...

Do you run them as primes or just basic? I can't decide omn whether the prime is worth it with amount of force weapons running around atm... (looks at gk players)

Personally I love them and the mawlocs as the are great target distractions!

the 6th degree said...

Cheers all

@phil, I just run them as basics with Adrenal Glands. You can try making them Primes, but tbh its a pretty expensive way of getting SOTW. Especially when a lot of unit roll with Brotherhood Banners which bypasses SOTW.

My regular opponent plays Draigowing so I am painfully familiar with GK FWs.

My suggestion is make sure you are charging, you have Lash Whips and a way to bypass armour (Bones Swords, MC attacks or Rending), you can get Paroxysm off first and ideally multi-assault them.

phil.w said...

Yeah I see your point... In theory there should be enough synapse up with him so for 40points it's gets a bit pricey.

I normally run them with regeneration and leave it at that. Never really seen the point with 'glands' I think t6 is more than enough to annoy most and your hitting before fists.

Will your nid's be making an appearance at bw3 if so be looking forward to seeing them,

the 6th degree said...

Yeah - my Nids will be out in force at BW3...although I don't know how they will do - I am mixing up my list a bit.

I really use Adrenal Glands to bump the Trygons Initiative up to 5 on the charge (although the extra Strength helps on mech). It means you are getting your hits in before most opponents (SMs etc). The last thing you want is for your MC to be taken down first due to some lucky weight of attacks.

phil.w said...

Ah thats a fair point... be useful when running after dreadnoughts.

I normally hope t6 will stop alot of the attacks from hurting.

Ah nice one, I'll be interesting to see what you will be taking.

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