10 Jun 2011

WIP Mystery Project

I am currently working on a mystery project to field this week against Pornstarjedi's Marneus Raider Bombs... in the words of Rolf Harris, "Can you guess what it is yet?"


Karitas said...

Techmarine on bike? sidecar for the conversion beamer?

Firewasp said...

I'm thinking the same as Karitas.

Siph_Horridus said...

Not really a mystery huh? lol. Oh yes my friends, 42-72in St10, AP1 Blast fun. Manouvreable so I can always get that range bracket and I've picked up a Rogue Trader Conversion Beamer as well as a Techmarine rider from the old Jet Bike/Vincent Black Shadow. Wanted one of those too for some real old skool fun but not at those e-bay prices. Side car has been cut thinner to make a difference from normal attack bike look. Will post when done.

Karitas said...

Sorry man :)

It's something I've thought of myself, mainly because I do like to avoid the obvious.

look forward to seeing the finished job!

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