16 Sept 2019

Warhammer 40K can be wonderfully weird - Armorium Cherubs

Hello All, thanks for dropping by on this wonderfully weird element of 40K. My latest addition to my Relictors Chapter Space Marines are these delightful characterful Armorium Cherubs, available to Devastator Squads to allow a weapon to immediately fire again in the same shooting phase.
What I find wonderfully weird is the odd juxtaposition of an adorable baby, albeit mechanically lobotomized and made to 'fly' and the war torn grim darkness of 40K. I love it, odd flying babies supplying your troops with extra ammo to murder death kill more of the Emperor's enemies :)
This chap was from the Space Marine Heroes character set Librarian, I thought the Librarian looked too busy so I chopped him off, gave him a Melta Charge and changed his third eye to a metal stud.
This chap is unaltered, the standard Cherub you get in a box of Space Marine Devastators.
And here they are on the battlefield, the skin was a simple Kislev Flesh washed Reikland Flesh Shade and highlighted Kislev Flesh.
This chap was the standard Armorium Cherub but altered with some spare Missiles and reposed slightly to give some variation.
I quite enjoyed giving them all wide eyes and the bases were my normal recipe of Mournfang Brown, drybrushed Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone, with some tufts and mixed green flock added for detail.
And here is one of the chappies with his Devastator Squad, supplying more Missiles in the heat of battle. The squad is my converted FW Iron Armour Squad, modified to add two modern missile launchers, more pict captures HERE.

Thanks for checking out my wonderfully weird flying baby things. Cheers, Siph. (3 points)


  1. I've always been drawn to the weird, sinister and downright creepiness that 40k can invoke and these ooze those characteristics perfectly....great work!

  2. very cute work mate! awesome stuff!

  3. Your MDK Cherubs inspire joy joy feelings!

  4. That is disturbing in so many ways. Not sure I subscribe to it even if it is 40k to its core. Could have accepted it for the astra militarum, but space marines? These little chaps would not stand a chance to follow the marines though a battle zone unless they have the emperors own luck.

    1. I guess they just get called in when the Sergeant requires more ammo? Like a weird ammo-drop. The Devastators should be in the back lines providing supporting fire so not in the thick of it - unless it's going wrong :)

    2. Well, marines are chock-troops so even the "back-lines" are far in front of everything else. So it does not have to go wrong to be a bit hectic for them. But I guess there are more of these flying babies were ever they came from. Sort of one way disposable drones... =)

    3. Yeah, they are grown in genevats so a ready supply for all the Chapters needs :)


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