27 Sept 2019

Marneus Calgar Primaris Conversion WIP #3

Hello one and all,

I've started putting together options for Calgar, the next task for next week is to build the ammo feeds from Marneus Calgar's back to the Bolters, I am not sure yet if this will involve the old pieces or another option, TBC.
At the moment I have added a banner to Marneus Calgar - this is an old Blood Angels one, can't recall the kit of the top of my head. I bought this as a single piece on an auction site years ago. I will be removing the tear drop from the banner and replacing it with a suitable Ultramarine 'U' or a skull. The banner will have a similar design as the 2nd generation Marneus Calgar model, either painted or added as a decal.
The model will be added to a scenic base (which model is this from? add your answers in the comment and I'll let you know next week). The base is slightly bigger than the base the stock model comes with. My plan is to colour the base two tones to signify the actual edge of the normal base - in case there are any in game issues with base size etc. I will also be adding a few more skulls to the base.
Really happy with how the model is progressing! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.


  1. Sweet! Looks great so far.

  2. Looking well. Hopefully we can see the back next time and the ammo feeds.

  3. looking good, even if he is a smurf.


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