20 Sept 2019

Warbringer Titan - Future Armament Options?

Hello one and all,

A crazy, mad week - so I haven't had much time to do hobby stuff.. so instead I did a little messing around with the Warbringer Nemesis Titan to see if there was an option for an alternate weapon. I did this previously, however that was during the WIP stage, and not after completion. I am very tempted to buy another Sunfury Plasma Annihilator and try to do this as a conversion, I think the size and look of the cannon would be perfect for the Warbringer..

Too big for an arm weapon being a Warlord Titan Class Arm Mount, the Warbringer Nemesis Class is classed between the Reaver Battle Titan and the Warlord due to reactor capacity and Armament. The Nemesis is so named due to the weapon mount on top, I think particular to the Mori Quake Cannon, however it is scaled for two Battle Titan Arms and one Warlord Class Weapon point - bigger draw on reactor than a Reaver, less than a Warlord.
Definitely a good fit for the carapace being a Warlord Class Weapon point - so what other options are out there - we have seen Mori Quake Cannon, the Warlord has the Belicosa Volcano Cannon and the Mega Gatling Blaster as well as the Sunfury - I feel in the fluff the Sunfury would perhaps be too strong a draw on the Reactor resources however a dual Gatling Blaster and single Mega Gatling Blaster would be a fun option, or even triple Volcano Cannon, two Battle Titan (Reaver) Volcano Cannons and one Belicosa Volcano? What do you think will be the next released, if at all, for the Warbringer Class Titan?
I am sorely tempted with this build for my next though - maybe rework the cabling to go into the weapon housing at the back?
 I do love this look, it certainly doesn't look out of place.
Thanks for looking- feedback on thoughts of this would be appreciated, or indeed, if someone has tried this as a conversion?

Cheers, LH


  1. I think that is a very interesting proposition. Don't know how what is left on the back of the titan when the other weapon is not mounted. Could require quite a lot of modeling which "needs" to be on par with the rest to not look out of place. But definitely worth doing. I would be very interested in following how it turns out.

  2. I think that is a great concept and looks befitting of the chassis, I wonder on the power drain, perhaps offset by a rules stipulation that if armed with a Sunfury the other arm weapons cannot fire in a turn it fires - or better, cannot be armed with energy weapons - or a simple "Gets Hot" roll risking the reactor, if using AT28mm rules it overcooks the Reactor by 2 dice on maximal.


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