13 Sept 2019

Marneus Calgar Primaris WIP Conversion #2

Hello one and all!

Crazy week, but I've managed to get some time to add further details to my Primaris Marneus Calgar Conversion. The initial post can be found here Calgar Primaris
So from where we finished last time, I have added more detail to the arms, with the addition of both Green Stuff and Purity Seals (they hide soooo many sins) I was also able to add some extra feeds from the Fists to the armour from another model.
I wanted the model to reflect previous versions of Marneus Calgar, and opted to use some Terminator Calgar parts to add further detail - the Eagle head and Ultramarine symbols were added to each shoulder pauldron. The corded braid with the Crux Terminatus honour and skull was cut from the 'U' and added to the chest behind the honours from the new model.
The head was positioned to look forward, rather than to the side, and with that I'm mostly done, more reminiscent of the Marneus I know and love :)
I am really pleased with out the model is looking so far! Cheers, LH


  1. '...and Purity Seals (they hide soooo many sins..)'

    I couldn't help but literally 'lol' at that bit!

    1. it was a good play on words! TBF its only really by the right pauldron, and the seals fit really well rather than 'forced' to hide the gap.

  2. Love this version. Fingers are itching to try it my self.

  3. He looks big and meaty but skipped leg day, the Gravis lacks the Greaves of Termi Armour.

  4. Good work, I can see the old version coming through. Hope you have a side by side with the painted version.


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