30 Apr 2018

Imperial Knights - Armiger Warglaive Vassal Of Legio Astorum

Hi All, thanks for dropping by. I really enjoyed putting this model together and painting it. A really nice kit overall and I'm sure we'll see new weapon options soon as they are on a separate sprue to the body and legs set.
I plan on painting my Imperial Knight force as a Vassal House to my Titan Legion, Legio Astorum hence the adoption of the Legio Astorum colours and the halo moon on the shoulder pad. This was a nice starter test scheme for the other Knights and perhaps some progress on the long overdue Warlord - well I am going to the Titan Owners Club UK Walk!
The Chain Cleaver sports some kill markings already. I largely followed the same sort of endo-skeleton scheme as Duncan on WarhammerTV so used bronze on spots to break up the mass of Leadblecher.
I sooted up the exhaust stacks and painted his toenails...
The Melta Gun and Melta Lance both have heat staining using Agrax/Purple/Blue/Nuln Oil combination which gives a simple and effective detail.
The cowl above the head is painted yellow as the Legio Astorum scheme because the head is usually yellow but this model has a metallic head. As for transfers, I used the Halo Eclipse from the Legio Astorum sheet from FW, an Aquila from SM Vehicle sheet and a Cog motif from the Armiger sheet.
Finally a shot next to his bigger brother Warhound Canis Bellum, taking up his consort duties. So, there you have it - 'Knave Izrael' riding Armiger Warglaive 'Bane of Iron' of the Vassal Knights of the Legio Astorum.

Cheers, Siph. (5pts for Dreadnought type mini)


  1. A tidy clean paint job. I prefer this to the battered look as I envisage a swarm of servitors repairing, cleaning and repainting as soon as the Armiger returns to base.

  2. @ Phil, thanks mate, I agree! These are God Machines and revered by the Tech Adepts, so I’ve limited weathering to heat stain and dust on the toes :)

  3. Really lovely shot at the end helps convey the scale of these guys. Great work lad.

  4. The blue looks a bit bright....

  5. @ F Muppet, cheers!
    @ Zzzzzz, mate think it’s the light box, the blue is same as Titan, Kantor Blue/Necron Abyss/Regal Blue.


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