25 Nov 2016

Necron Destroyer #6 w/ Gauss Cannon

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. Another Necron Destroyer armed with the Marine killing Gauss Cannon, completed and off the To-Do pile. Working my way towards a Destroyer Cult Formation.
The Cult Formation restrictions mean fielding three squads of three Destroyers plus a Destroyer Lord and 0-1 squads of Heavy Destroyers, so three more to go until I can field the Cult. The Destroyer Lord can be found HERE.
Still battling the transfer clear film, not too bad a job here, a little frosting from this angle, but flat and smooth. Used a coat of 'Ardcoat after two applications of Micro Sol and it still slighty frosted... frustrating to say the least! But this army won't win any painting awards, it's quick clean and something different from painting grey Marines.
My pot of Brazen Brass finally became too clumpy, so I invested in a pot of Fulgurite Copper which I must say is lovely and smooth and a great colour for the capacitor coils.
Here is a shot of the Cult so far. So, a quick post and simple miniature addition to the ever-living, ever growing Necron Army.


  1. Looks awesome so far! I know your frustration with decals, it's an eternal war with me. There have been times where I had to paint over the "frosting" in order to make it go away.

  2. Nice squad! Man, that Destroyer formation is a lot of work.


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