9 Nov 2016

Chaos 'Pink' Horrors Commission by Rob at 30Kplus40k

Rob at 30Kplus40K messaged me a long while ago reference experimenting with possible commission work and when I replied, I said I'd be interested in getting some Daemons done and as it was Rob's first commission, I'd seen his own work, so gave him free reign in how they were painted. I specified that i'd do the bases to match my own and that the Pink Horrors should reflect the madness of Tzeentch.
What could be more mad than green 'pink' horrors! Love it. The tongues are all vibrant different colours and the feathers also. I particularly liked the flame effect morphing from the flesh.
This was the second squad of this initial commission work, done very speedily and value for money to a great standard. The Daemonettes he did for me can be found HERE.
And the Daemons I have so far look like this, a riot of colour, far removed from the grey monotone Relictors army who will be summoning them from the Warp. (for those who don't know - Relictors fluff says they use Chaos to fight Chaos, much to the ire of the Inquisition!
Thanks for dropping by to have a look-see. Cheers, Siph (currently painting some more grey marines...)


  1. Green pink horrors ? Fantastic. And nicely done too.

    btw, love your grey marines, even when they look blue.


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