5 May 2015

Relictors Chaplain with Powerfist

Hello Readers, here is my latest offering, continuing my Relictor Battle Company with another Chaplain HQ character. Why? Because I love this sculpt, love the pose and the attitude he gives off! And Relictors can never have too many Chaplains to cleanse their souls from the taint of Chaos they work with everyday.
The power pack is from the LE Marine with Powerfist and Bolter standing on an Aquila, I have several more power packs with the same Aquila atop them I'm putting aside for the eventual HQ Squad to complete the Battle Company.

I'm afraid it's become a bit of a standing joke now - all I have to complete the Battle Company is 4-5 HQ Squad marines, but instead I've painted a fearsome arsenal of tanks, aircraft, heavy support and elites and specialists... but not the elusive last few marines!

### EDIT: Re-touched the bones of the chest armour to differentiate from the parchment scroll. ###


  1. One of my favourite 40k models to date. Such a great pose and really evokes the grim dark nature of the 40k universe and the chaplains role in it. Very nice paintjob too :)

  2. Nice work, and one of the best Chaplain models in the range.

    One suggestion I'd make is to differentiate the color of the bones on his chest and the oath paper. Right now they sort of all blend together.

  3. I love me some chaplains. Nothing like some righteous hatred of the emperors enemies to drive a space marines chainsword on target!

  4. Cheers for the comments, yep he is my favourite Chaplain model, I didn't need another one, however, rule of cool prevailed. I touched up the armour bones as suggested by TheRhino, cheers for feedback.

  5. Oh, he's nicely finished.


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