7 May 2015

Battle Report - 3-way 4000pt Superheavy Smash Up - Pic Heavy

Thanks for dropping by, this post is an overview of sorts from a battle all three of the Weemen contibutors had the chance to do, Lord Halfpenny, 6thDegree and myself, Siph, got together for a smash up using lots of the 'big toys' we have just for the fun of it, what transpired was like a knife fight in a telephone box, but what fun!!

It was decided that it would be 4000pt each side with up to 2400pts to LoW or Superheavies, with the rest made up of various shiny toys, FW kits, and even some mere mortal troops... well for Siph anyway! Even with Reaver Titans and Imperial Knights a plenty, one shouldn't overlook the foot slogger Marine...
The Chaos Iron Warriors force consisted of the Warhound Canis Ferrum, a Shadowsword, a Lord of Skulls (IW - Lord of Iron), a Sicaran, Decimator, Hellblade x2, Contemptor, Forgefiend, Vindicator, Fire Raptor Gunship and a Helldrake, plus some other bits maybe...
The Relictors bought along a Landraider, 2x Termi Assault Squads, 1x Termie Shooty Squad, Capt Blaylock (Termies are Troops), Stalker, 2x Storm Talon, 3x Rapier Laser Battery, Grav Centurions and oh... Reaver Honorum and Warhound Canis Praetor...
The Imperial Knight Order bought 6 Knights (2x Paladin, Errant, Castigator, Lancer and Acheron) and an Armorcast Reaver and a Vindicare Assassin...

We rolled for table space, and the unlucky Relictors had the sandwich inbetween the Chaos and Imperial Knight forces, meaning for the first few turns they would be hit by both sides... oh well, they'll have fun dying!
Relictors Turn 1 - opened with the Grav Centurions taking down the Armorcast Reaver void shields and the Warhound with twin Turbo-Laser Destroyers stripping 10 hull points, the Rapier Laser Battery reduced the Knight Lancer to 3 hull points, the Landraider Godhammer failed to damage the Chaos forces, Relictor Thunderhammer Termies moved up to be a road bump for the Knights and the Imperial Reaver took out the Chaos Vindicator and using the Gatling Blaster firstly to strip the Chaos Warhound void shields and then the Triple Laser Blaster reduced the Warhound to 3 hull points!
Iron Warriors Turn 1 - Everything opened up on the Reaver and Godhammer, stripping Honorum to 14 hull points! The Lord of Skulls Iron Lord moved up and charged the Shooty Termies killing 2, but they fought back with their Powerfists 2 hull points reducing him to 7 hull points.
The Landraider Godhammer was reduced to a single hull point.
Imperial Knights Turn 1 - The Cerastus Knight Acheron flame cannon incinerated one Thunderhammer, the Paladin Knights open fire on the Centurions with Battle Cannons and Heavy Stubbers but fail to penetrate the Centurion Armour. The Knight Errant Thermal Cannon wounded two of the Centurions. It's Heavy Stubber more effective than the Paladins, killing one Thunderhammer Termie. The Cerastus Knight Lancer used it's energy shock lance to kill 2 Centurions leaving the Centurion Sergeant left on his own.
The Armorcast Reaver open fires on the Turbo Laser armed Warhound, first with the Apoc Missile Launcher, failing to strip his voids, the Assassin turbo penetrates one void and then the overcharged Plasma Blastgun strips the final void, then the Triple Laser Blaster smashes the exposed Warhound and it explodes leaving a double crater! Boom! The Knight Lancer is prevented from charging the Centurions he shot at by the Thunderhammer Termie road block!
Relictors Turn 2 - The Thunderhammer Termies charge the Cerastus Knight Lancer, reducing him to 3 hull points. The Imperial Reaver Honorum and Centurion Sergeant opened up on the Armorcast Reaver reducing him to 3 hull points.
On the other side, the Godhammer shot the Lord of Skulls and disgorged its cargo of Capt Blaylock and Thunderhammer Terimes to charge the daemon engine to strip 3 hull points leaving him on 5 hull points and tying him in combat to prevent it from charging the Reaver.
The Rapier Laser Battery and a newly arrived Stormtalon reduced the Cerastus Knight Castigator to 4 hull points, the other Stormtalon reduced the Cerastus Knight Acheron to 4 hull points.
The Thunderhammer Sergeant in combat with the Knight Lancer and Centurion Sergeant are holding the right flank, but for how long...
Iron Warriors Turn 2 - The Chaos Warhound opened fire on the Reaver Honorum, stripping some void shields, the arrived Hellblade opened fire against the Armorcast Reaver reducing him a single hull point to which the Shadowsword Volcano Cannon easily removed, destroying the mighty war machine in a huge explosion which took a hull point off the nearest Knight Lancer.
Everything else Chaos shot the Reaver Honorum reducing him to 10 hull points and no voids. The chainfist wielding Iron Warrior Contemptor smashed into the Relictor Landraider Godhammer, destroying the tank. The Decimator and Lord of Skulls in combat with the Thunderhammer Termies and Capt Blaylock killed the entire squad except a single Terminator, Siph forgetting that the Captain Mordaci Blaylock character has a Mastercrafted Chainfist and Iron Halo, more than the simple Powersword the model was armed with... that's why you should play WYSIWYG! Doh. He could have done some serious damage to the Lord of Skulls. But the lone marine means that the Lord of Skulls will not be able to charge if he survives the next turn! The Fire Raptor and Helldrake also entered play. The Chaos Warhound regenerated a hull point with It Will Not Die, up to 2 hull points.
Imperial Knights Turn 2 - The Cerastus Knight Lancer remains in combat with the Terminator Sergeant Siph. One of the Knight Paladin's opened up with a Battlecannon on the Chaos Warhound but the Daemon saved it. The Knight Errant destroyed the lone Centurion Sergeant, and the Cerastus Knight Acheron armed with the D-Weapon Chainfist failed his charge toward the Reaver Honorum.
The Cerastus Knight Lancer fluffed all his attacks against the Termie Sergeant, and Sergeant Siph struck back taking another hull point, leaving him on one hull point, can a Termie take down a Knight?? (It helps when Lord Halfpenny forgets his Stomp Attacks) Elsewhere, shooting from the Bolt Cannon on the Cerastus Knight Castigator stripped a hull point from a Stormtalon, leaving it on one HP.
Relictors Turn 3 - Both Stormtalons opened fire on the Iron Warriors Fire Raptor reducing him to 1 HP, which the Icarus Stormcannon array on the Relictors Stalker easily stripped, downing the aircraft. The Reaver Honorum Gatling Blasted the Cerastus Knight Acheron to a single hull point. The Apoc Launcher and the Rapier Laser Battery took the Cerastus Knight Castigator to 2 hull points remaining. The Reaver Laser Blaster overkilled the Chaos Warhound Canis Ferrum, removing 15 hull points from an available 2!! In CC, the lone Powerfist Terminator was ground under the treads of the Lord of Skulls...
On the other side, the Termie Sergeant Siph withstood two hits from the Cerastus Knight Lancer and remained tied in combat for a fourth round, yet again Lord Halfpenny forgot to conduct his stomp attacks.
Iron Warriors Turn 3 - The Chaos Forces sensing a weaker foe, stream passed the Reaver and open fire on the Cerastus Knight Castigator but fail to damage, the Hellblade opened up on the Knight Errant reducing him to one hull point.
The second Hellblade, Shadowsword, Sicaran, Helldrake and Lord of Skulls eventually destroy the Knight Errant!, leaving 5 Knights. The remaining forces fire at the Relictor Stalker and Stormtalon stripping a hull point from each.
Imperial Knights Turn 3 - The Cerastus Knight Castigator turns round and at point blank range opens upwith the rapid fire Avenger Bolt Cannon and reaps the Rapier Battery in the ruins.
The Cerastus Knight Acheron charges the Reaver Honorum, and smashes the mighty war machine with the Reaper Chainfist, stripping 10 hull points and destroying it in a mighty explosion - catching the remaining two crew from the Rapier platforms wiping them out.
In CC, the Termie Sergeant Siph ties in combat with the Cerastus Knight Lancer (forgot Stomp attacks again...) for a fifth round of combat, what a hero.
Relictors Turn 4 - the two remaining Stormtalons swoop over the battlefield, one targets the Cerastus Knight Acheron that felled the Reaver Honorum, so in revenge destroys the Knight, vengeance is ours. The Stalker opens fire on the Helldrake felling the foul beast. The remaining Stormtalon fells another Hellblade, a great turn for the remaining Relictors, not going down without a fight.
The aerial view of the battlefield shows the carnage unleashed, the Termie Serg Siph strikes back at the Cerastus Knight Lancer, penetrating once but the Knight saves on the huge Ion Gauntlet Shield, six rounds of CC.
Iron Warriors Turn 4 - The Lord of Skulls open fires at the Knight forces and the explosion catches the Cerastus Knight Lancer and Serg Siph, destroying the Lancer, removing a HP from both Paladins and Serg Siph saves!  The Sicaran plus the Contemptor open up on the Knight Paladin nearest the terminator, destroying it but unfortunately even a Storm Shield and Tactical Dreadnought Armour cannot save the galaxy's finest marine from the toppling war machine! The Knight falls over and the mighty explosion consumes Serg Siph! Boo...
The Volcano Cannon on the Shadowsword takes another hull point of the green Knight Paladin, leaving an Assassin and 2 Knights, one on 2 HP and another on 1 HP. Things not looking good for the Imperial Knight forces. The Chaos forces still have a Lord of Skulls on 6HPs, Decimator, Contemptor, Sicaran, one Hellblade, Forgefiend and mighty Shadowsword.

Imperial Knights Turn 4 - The Vindicare Assassin with Exitus Rifle fails to hit the Lord of Skulls even though it is the size of a house (and a re-roll)! The Cerastus Castigator opens fire on the Lord of Skulls failing to wound, the Knight Paladin fails to damage the Lord of Skulls, daemon saves. The Paladin charges the Lord of Skulls, the Baleflamer glances on overwatch but the Ion Shield saves the Knight from sure destruction on the final HP, the Reaper Chainsword removes 5HPs, reducing to 1HP. The Lord of Skulls strikes back now with 13 attacks, stripping 25HPs from an available 1HP!! Needless to say, the Knight Paladin totally destroyed, the Lord of Skulls consolidates towards the lone Cerastus Knight Castigator!
Relictors Turn 5 - The two Stormtalons swoop away from the Lord of Skulls, failing to glance the Sicaran Battletank. The Stalker opens up on the remaining Hellblade, destroying the Chaos aerial forces.

Iron Warriors Turn 5 - The Lord of Skulls opens fire on the Cerastus Knight Castigator reducing him to a single hull point, the Contemptor hits also, but saved by the Ion Shield. The Sicaran shoots down one of the Stormtalons. The Stormsword opens fire with the Volcano Cannon and a Lascannon both hitting the Knight on the Ion Shield, three saves in a row! The Forgefiend see's his opportunity for the Chaos God's favour and opens up on the Cerastus Knight, finally destroying the Knight! The Decimator reduces the Relictors Stalker to 1HP.

Imperial Knights Turn 5 - Finally the Vindicare Assassin steadies himself for another shot at the Lord of Skulls, aims, fires and gets the Lord of Skulls in the Daemon Eyes, stripping the final HP and vanquishing the Daemon Engine finally!
We roll for a turn six, but alas no more. The lone survivor of the Imperial Knight forces silently slips away into the night, the battlefield tells the story loud and clear, smoking craters strewn across the ruined city tell of the epic struggle that took place here!

Siph - What a super epic battle that was, mighty war machines and Titans dueling with lowly Terminators, epic airstrikes and pieplates, void shields bursting like balloons and a whole Knightly Order wiped out by the foul Chaos Iron Lord (with help!).
Man (Marine) of the Match definitely goes to Sergeant Siph, my very own blog avatar Terminator Sergeant! Holding up the CC Imperial Knight Lancer for 6 rounds of CC before falling, being crushed under the falling victim of Chaos fire - not the Knight Lancer! Brilliant effort and proved that maybe my choice to bring Troops wasn't so bad after all - holding up the Imperial Knight advance for 4 turns!! What a hoot!

Lord Halfpenny - What a battle, the new additions to my Knight force worked well, unfortunately I forgot about the stomp- as I might have managed to move the Terminator Sergeant earlier, and managed to get the Lancer into combat with the other Super Heavies in the centre of the board. My favourite moment was when the Cerastus Knight Acheron charged the Reaver Honorum - and smashed him in single combat- showing how deadly 'D' weapons are.  


  1. Wow... just wow.

    That was a long but well worth it report, titanic forces of firepower being unleashed point blank.

    The poor Serg Siph finally getting taken out like that.

  2. I hope that isn't your Lord of Skulls Chris! Needs some work before BW!

  3. Tell me about it Alex - its almost there though.

  4. Wow what an awesome game! It's hilarious when the imperial knights look tiny!

  5. Thanks guys, yeah it was an awesome BIG battle! Serg Siph did well, shame he didn't get to finish off the Knight himself.


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