17 May 2015

Warhammer World - Warlord Titan Close-Ups

Head over to Recalcitrant Daze for awesome 3 Part photo dump of his time at WHW this weeekend.

Link to Part 1 here Warlord and Ordinatus WIP

Link to Part 2 here Gulliman and Invictarus Suzerain, Thunderfire Rapier, White Scars and Sigismund.

Link to Part 3 here Chaos Knight, Lord of Skulls Walker and Nurgle Daemon And some Word Bearers

Thanks Rictus, from all at Weemen... We want a Warlord and 6thDegree wants a Chaos Knight and Lord of Skulls conversion kit! You didn't say if you picked one up? ;)


  1. BTW - not for general sale yet, speaking today to FW, "sometime this month".
    Body (with Legs) £900 GBP
    Whole Kit (Body/Head/2x Carapace, 2x Arms) £1240 GBP
    Head seperate sale
    Arms are Volcano Cannons, more available in due course.

  2. Glad you liked the pictures, always happy for people to share them far and wide. Cheers for linking back to RD.


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