22 May 2015

Looking to Blog Wars...

I've just submitted my list to Alex over at fromthefang for Blog Wars 9, which takes place 2 weeks tomorrow.

Following a few test games, I have decided to opt away from my Ultramarines, and try something a little different. I won't spoil the army list just yet, however I can tell you that currently 33% of my force is complete, with 17% still on sprues, and the rest of my force is still yet to be base coated.. see below..

Will I be finished in time?!?!? watch this space..


  1. Good luck with the building and painting :)

  2. Good to see a more balanced list than the IK Draigo sledgehammer, I think it'll be good to see you painting another new army... DW Knights the start of a new force ahead of the rumoured codex?

  3. A bit of a last minute change of heart?
    Still, makes me feel better, ive got two models left to paint and I think that's going to be a tough one.


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