10 Dec 2012

Terrain and Scenery - Wrecked Landraider

Continuing my progress in the fight against grey plastic scenery for our Weemen to fight over, I've just completed a rather expensive piece of scenery - A Forgeworld Space Wolves Spaced Armour Landraider!
Fear not, this was purchased on the cheap with a load of space wolves which I eventually sold, making a nice profit on the Wulfen I might add, and this part of the lot was missing the weapons and  headlights and top hatch so I added a spare hatch and then hatched a plan...
I got my Jigsaw saw out and hacked off a slice of the landraider from one side, used the hacked pieces as wreckage / thrown tracks and painted it up as a wreck. The model was basecoated black then given a liberal drybrush of Macharius Orange to simulate rust before a drybrush of Boltgun Metal/Leadbleacher before targeting bits like tracks or viewports or SW markings with some spot colour, a hint of Astronomican Grey on some larger panels to hint at it's long lost Chapter heritage and then based as my normal reciepe of Calthan Brown with a Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone drybrush.
The front view shows the angle the Jigsaw hacking acheived, giving the illusion of being half buried and forgotten with some dirt resting in the crevases etc... hope you like my quick and easy method of doing a rusting hulk themed piece of scenery to fight over.

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  1. Nice. I have an old incomplete Land Raider sat around for a similar project on my "To Do" list, though personally mine will be upside down in a furrow of dirt, as a Blood Angels drop that has suffered a deep strike mishap :-P

  2. Very nicely done, looks very good with the really dark metallic look.

    Sad to see so much Forgeworld end up in a terrain piece like that.

  3. Terrain like this always looks so cool. Too bad it's very rare when something like this is practical. It looks really good though!

  4. Beautiful! Very nicely done.

  5. Thanks for your coments everyone. cpyke, this is good LOS blocking terrain so great for getting those tanks or squads across the battlefield, and I agree, it's so better than fighting over grey plastic ruins, coffee jars or books lol.

  6. I can't believe no orks have looted the heavy bolters or "The Tarantula Sentry Guns used by the Adeptus Astartes utilise the same basic automated turret and weapons as the Razorback armoured personnel carrier, and sometimes when a Razorback is destroyed in combat its turret will be salvaged and refashioned into a Tarantula, but only with the aid of a Techmarine reading the appropriate Rites of Salvage." For the machine spirit and all that fluff. All your paint jobs are great. Recommended them on terragenesis.uk


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