29 Dec 2012

Terrain and Scenery - Stone Ruins

Continuing my painting war against basic grey plastic scenery, some more stuff has been painted this festive season, here is my latest finished article, some stone ruins, from Pegasus Hobbies, one half of the Gothic Ruins set. The set comprises of enough pieces to make two ruined corners of a building. They are a great alternative to the City of Death GW ruins and add a little more bulk to ruins.
 These were base coated with some roughcoat to give a nice texture before being painted Charadon Granite with a Codex Grey and Fortress Grey drybrush highlight.
To add some detail, chopped up pieces of sprue were added to the hardboard base to simulate piles of fallen masonry and the tiles were painted black and white cheques washed with Gryphonne Sepia to add some interest. The base was painted the same as all my bases with Calthan Brown / Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone drybrush to bring out the texture and some burnt grass flock to add some spot colour.
Currently working on a Mechanicum themed ruined building next. Hope you like, and we hope you all had a good Crimbo and I end by wishing all our readers a weeman filled new year!

Previous completed terrain pieces can be found here (Landraider Wreck) here (Fuel Tanks) and here (Bastion). Hope these give you some good ideas of your own!


  1. Looks great, I'd love to play on a table with scenery that good looking.

  2. The walls look a bit grey... lol
    The tiles are a nice touch.

  3. Yes Thomas, as you can see from my Relictors, I like grey!


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