31 Dec 2012

Terrain and Scenery - Manufactorium Ruins

Continuing the terrain drive I have recently been on, this is the latest and last of 2012. A cities of death GW terrain piece, a ruined Manufactorium or whatnot.
The bulkheads have been painted in the same style as the Wrecked Landraider by simply undercoating black then heavy drybrushing Macharius Orange followed by Boltgun Metal (or whatever the new names are...) This way you can get great looking terrain painted rapidly and join the fight against plain grey plastic scenery!! Bases are optional, mine make the pieces sturdy and can rulewise delineate the 'moves through cover' etc. It is cut from a sheet of hardwood (fibreboard) and sanded at the edges to give a smooth curve.
I painted the Mechanicum symbols in the traditional white and black and weathered with some washes, a lens here and there, some dials and a screen by the doors, and voila.
The base was as usual Calthan Brown, Kommando Khaki and Bleached bone drybrush and the customary flock patches to add some splash colour.

Previous terrain pieces can be found at the following links, Stone Ruins, Bastion, Fuel Tanks, Objectives and Tank Traps. Make 2013 your year to fight over scenery worthy of your beautiful painted weemen to battle over and join me in the fight against plain grey plastic buildings!!

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  1. Looks good mate. You're inspiring me to battle my grey plastic. They don't need much work to look great.

    Out of interest how thick is your hardboard base? Trying to decide what to get for mine.


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